Nunca dejes de soñar

“Nunca dejes de soñar” is about the special connection between a baby and its parents. It’s nostalgic, motivational, inspirational and completely emotional.
It is a lullaby where the main objective is to express love and trust. A love song to tell your children to use their imagination, enjoy their childhood, not to stop following their dreams and that we will always be there for them.

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Recorded at Indepe Music Estudios in Monterrey, México.
Writers: Alan Tovar / Jair Alcalá
Drums: Bolo Alcalá
Percussion: Chino Alcalá
Backgroound vocals arrangement: Patricio Vint
Mixing Engineer: Abelardo Rivera
Master Engineer: Jaime Cavazos
Bass, Fender Rhodes, Accordion, Vocals & Produced by Jair Alcalá